Founded in 2019 Credit Cleaner is a Top-Rated Credit Restoration and Debt Relief Company which offers a various suite of Credit Based Services. Services are currently available within the United States and some of the Services are also provided by our Partners who have over 13 years of experience helping consumers improve their Financial Life. Our goal is to make our Services available to everyone around the world and to give everyone an Equal Opportunity to create Financial Freedom. Along with a fully loaded suite of Credit-Based Services, Credit Cleaner offers one of the Highest Rated Referral Programs in the World. This program is available at No Cost and without any Overhead Expenses. There are also many other great things included, such as Marketing Tools and Training Material. If you want to earn Passive Residual Income while helping others improve their Financial and Credit Life then you are in the Right Place!


Membership Benefits

By becoming a Referral Agent with Credit Cleaner you will join our very unique compensation plan. Our unique tree, gives you leverage from the best, while supporting the rest !

Bonus Feature

When New Referral Agents join the Organization without a Direct Referral they are automatically placed in available positions within the 3 by 9 Forced Matrix.
Qualified Referral Agents have the potential to benefit from overrides on any sales that would generate from these positions.

The Retail Commission – The Power Of leverage!

Through our very unique 3x9 compensation plan you can earn from the efforts of those above and below. You can even lock in your spot for FREE.

How it works


Enroll for Free and Lock in your Position for up to 1 Year!

Refer Potential Clients for a Free Consultation who would like to Break Free from their Debt or those who would like to improve their Credit.

You can also build a Team by Referring other Referral Agents to help even more people benefit from the Power of Leveraged Income.


Earn Money


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