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Credit Cleaner has developed effective credit repair solutions based upon our ongoing and extensive consumer research.

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What is a Credit Score?


Simply put, It is Your financial bargaining chip!


Your credit score can be the difference between being approved or denied for credit, and a high or low interest rate. 


  • Can mean saving tens of thousands on home financing


  • Can get you access to all those zero down offers


  • Can help you rent an apartment or finance a new car


  • Your credit score affects you more than you know

What Items Can Be Removed?

The following are the most common items we can dispute.

Our Credit Cleaner Services can help you REMOVE or REPAIR almost anything inaccurate, outdated, unverifiable and unfair that is affecting your credit. Here are the most common ones...

  • Foreclosures

  • Late Payments

  • Bankruptcy

  • Public Records

  • Judgements

  • Collections

Good Credit Can Save You Thousands!

From getting a great deal on a car loan, to saving tens of thousands on your mortgage
Mortgage Term 620 Credit 760 Credit Total Savings
$150,000 30 Year $826/mo $684/mo $51,120
$175,000 30 Year $964/mo $798/mo $59,760
$200,000 30 Year $1100/mo $912/mo $67,680
$250,000 30 Year $1377/mo $1140/mo $85,320
$300,000 30 Year $1650/mo $1368/mo $101,520
CarLoan Term 620 Credit 760 Credit Total Savings
$15,000 60 Months $299/mo $270/mo $1740
$20,000 60 Months $398/mo $360/mo $2,280
$30,000 60 Months $598/mo $539/mo $3,540
$40,000 60 Months $797/mo $719/mo $4,680
$50,000 60 Months $996/mo $899/mo $5,820

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